Ideas to Increase Home Sales

Ideas to Increase Home Sales

When selling a house there is no detail too small that needs to be viewed from the buyers point-of-view, but there are a few bigger things that can really increase the bottom line. Remodeling bathrooms and kitchens are always a big selling point, but a bigger one is basements. This large, open spaces can really make a difference in a sale and with basement ceiling ideas one can work from the top down to make a highly desirable difference in a room.

Ideas to Increase Home Sales | Basement Remodel

When walking down the stairs to the basement the eye is automatically drawn to the ceiling first, but to make the best impression the ceiling should accentuate the room and not draw the eye from it. Therefore, careful consideration should be given when dealing with this feature. Of primary concern is the height. If ceilings are less than 10 feet tall, extra effort will need to be made in order for them to appear taller. There are several ways in which this can be accomplished.

Evaluating the size of the overall space and carefully creating a plan is a first step. One must also consider the need to cover duct-work and wiring which may be visually unappealing or detract from the best features in the room. By viewing the space for potential use as well as features which will need to be hidden, one can get a better sense of the type of ceiling material which will best serve the purpose.

One of the most popular options is drywall. Although fairly easy to install, it can be cumbersome and somewhat delicate to handle due to the weight and size of the sheets. With assistance holding them in place, they can easily be screwed directly into studs. With joint compound, tape, texture, and paint it can look like a ceiling in any other part of the home creating a cohesive appearance. With help, this is a do-it-yourself project that almost anyone can do.

For basements with higher ceilings, suspended ceilings are a perfect alternative. They provide a touch of class and are extremely easy to install. Best of all they easily hide ugly wiring and duct-work which can be problematic with other options. The suspension system can be lowered to encase duct-work or raised to provide more head-room. Additionally, the choices of colors, patterns, textures, and styles ensure that the final look enhances the visual appeal of any room.

Ideas to Increase Home Sales | Light, Bright, White

In many basement areas, light is a premium. Many know that the reflective characteristic of mirrors placed around a darker room can really enhance light, but few realize that the same concept can be taken to the ceiling to really light up a space. The important thing to remember is that decorative patterns spaced throughout will look better and will prevent the overwhelming feeling that might come with a solid mirrored ceiling.

Painting is one of the most common ways to make a big change regardless of the size of the room. In the basement this can be especially important as it gives a look of a finished product. When painting ceilings they should be several shades lighter than wall color, yet white should be avoided. When ceilings are lower, white has a tendency to accentuate the shorter stature rather than making them look taller as would be expected. You should also replace your bamboo sheets with white ones instead for a larger bedroom look and feel.

When selling a home, basement finishing is a great way to increase profits and move property quickly. Ensuring it is watertight and finished properly is a first step, viewing the many basement ceiling ideas found on the web and in magazines will surely generate the ideas needed to make a finished product that has “wow” power.